10 Common High School Teacher Interview Questions

When interviewing to be a high school teacher, you are being evaluated to see if you are a good fit for the school.

High school teacher interview questions are also asked to help assess your fitness for teaching at this grade level. Here are 10 questions to anticipate.

1. Why do you want to be a teacher?

2. What would you do if a student was disruptive during class?

3. What is your teaching philosophy?

4. How do you plan lessons?

5. How would you respond to a parent who comes to you with concerns about their student’s performance?

6. What is your approach to time management?

7. How would you accommodate your lesson plan for a special needs student?

8. How do you evaluate if your teaching has been effective?

9. Do you consider different learning styles when making lesson plans?

10. What role do you see for technology in your classroom?

10 Common Elementary Teacher Interview Questions

Teaching elementary school offers unique challenges. Elementary teacher interview questions are asked to help determine whether you are able to meet those challenges.

You can expect a mix of standard interview questions as well as questions specific to elementary teaching. Here are 10 questions to anticipate.

1. Why are you interested in teaching students at this level?

2. How will you communicate with parents?

3. What is your approach to discipline? How do you respond when students misbehave?

4. How do you feel about standardized testing?

5. What are the developmental characteristics and needs of children in the grade you want to teach?

6. What procedures or routines would you use in your classroom? How would you introduce these to your students?

7. What is your favourite book? What was your favourite book as a child?

8. What would you do if a student were to confide that they are being abused at home?

9. What hobbies or activities or interests do you have outside of teaching?

10. How would you motivate a student who is struggling?